Moto Priyanakasha

  • Born.
  • Traveled with Mantis Clan to Year 1117 Topaz tournament.
  • Present at the event at Jisho Kakita Kei the night before the tournament.
  • Present at the event in the pavilions the night before the tournament.
  • Played Kemari at Jisho Kakita Kei.
Year 1117 Topaz Tournament Results
  • Won the Sumai contest against Asako Hiromasa.

Moto Priyanakasha is the 17th child of Moto Terumori, khan of the Moto Family of the Unicorn and rikugunshokhan of the Junghar cavalry. Chagtai has three wives, as is a sign of affluence and prosperity in the old Ujik-Hai tradition; and Priyanka is the youngest of seven children through his first wife, Li-Chunhua. She can be alternately called Pri, Priya-chan, Priya-ko, Priyana, Priyanka, or Priyanakasha-san; depending on the familiarity and closeness of whomever is doing the calling.

Priya is of small stature but has the very solid, well-muscled frame of a professional athlete, which makes her well-suited for her chosen profession as bushi. Courtly kimono generally do a good job of disguising this, but a trained eye can tell she carries more mass than a true courtier. Despite being bushi, Priya has a keen love of fashion and fine dress, and takes greatest advantage of this when she has the chance. She almost always wears some makeup, even when in field; and all but dares others to mention if they find it odd.

Nonetheless, Priya is considered quite beautiful, although her features and given name show the strong influence of her foreign ancestry, as do her jade green eyes. She has a small gold nose ring and also small rings in her ears, although as a warrior, she generally selects jewelry that won’t jingle, dangle or get in the way; unless she expects to be in courtly surroundings, at which times showy conversation pieces are sometimes in order. She wears her hair long and plaits it in a long queue around her head, (usually intertwined with ribbons or flowers) instead of balling it into a Rokugani bun when “in the field”.

Priya has one faintly visible scar on her left cheek, almost vertical, and just clipping the corner of her eye. She has numerous other scars (mostly small) on her hands and arms, which give testimony to her training and development as a knife-fighter. She tends to twirl her hair or her jewelry in her fingers when she’s thinking, and to prick her fingers and hands with sharp objects when she’s nervous. She almost always tries to keep something (a knife, if at all possible) in her hands when she’s scared or nervous. She doesn’t mean for it to be a threatening act; she just feels calmer and more secure when she has a weapon in-hand; but there have been numerous times when this habit caused tense or awkward scenes when she didn’t mean for it to. She’s gotten a bit better as she’s grown older, but it’s still a subliminal instinct. She also frequently runs her tongue along her teeth at these times, which has caused it’s share of awkward scenes as well, albeit of for rather different reasons.

Priya’s primary motivation is to make her father proud, and bring honor to her ancestors. She feels demeaned or slandered that he regards her as “soft” or “dainty” or “feminine” (and seems oblivious to what some consider “facts” to the contrary!), and her life’s greatest aspiration has always been to be the preeminent warrior of her generation. She considers it a loss of face that she was given “as just a girl” to another clan, without the honor of attending her family’s dojo. She strives to make others (and, ultimately, her father) see her as the fierce creature she imagines herself to be; and in doing so, make her father want to “take her back” to the Moto.

Priya loves music, horses, deep colors, the ocean, perfumes, physical contact, silk, strong flavors, sharp objects, pearls, and gold. She hates isolation, bland or textureless foods, foul odors, overweight people, Doji speech patterns (“cadence”) and accents, coarse fabrics, poorly treated animals, and bad artistic performances (especially from herself!). She has grown to love the Mantis in ways she didn’t expect when she first arrived, and in some ways even feels ashamed of her initial reactions to this honorable clan. She loves horses deeply, but has grown to love the sea nearly as much; if she could just find a way to combine horses and sea… she’d be in Heaven! And she has grown to love and appreciate the Yoshitsune school and her sensei there in ways she never anticipated. But for all the well-earned respect and admiration here… still… they are noble and wonderful and dear to her heart, but they are just not Moto. Priya is Moto to the core, and has been for thousands of years before her birth; in her heart she is a creature of fire, of burning sands and open plains, and until she was sent to the Yoshitsune she couldn’t even imagine another way of life. Reluctantly, she decided this was another challenge to overcome, and has made great strides in this, but none of that can truly change her heart.

From the day they first met, Yoshitsune Sameko has been Priya’s best friend, favorite rival and sword-sister. What secrets she shares, Priya shares only with Sameko; Priya trusts her explicitly, and Same has time and again shown herself worthy of that trust. Priya can’t imagine a world without Same, and has never been forced to reconcile this feeling with her dreams of one day returning to Unicorn lands and the open plains, or exploring the territory of the Yobanjin. And by this point, it’s unlikely she’ll ever be forced to reconcile the dreams, which is probably for the best.

Priya’s strongest loyalties are to her family first, clan second, and Yoshitsune’s family third; out of appreciation for the openness and acceptance they’ve shown her these past 7 years. Priya came to the Mantis resentfully, feeling discouraged and outcast from her own clan, and harboring childish prejudices against a non-horse-riding minor clan, but was honored and accepted for who she was, and treated as a clan treasure. This generous behaviour quickly overcame Priya’s immaturity, and she has loved the Mantis for it ever since. But having been born and raised Unicorn, Priya believes dogs and horses to be an excellent judge of a person’s character, and is inclined to distrust all who don’t use them.

As far as all other clans go, she has few strong opinions beyond a belief that Phoenix are self-righteous and downright scary in their affinity for the spiritworld. Shugenja of all stripes tend to frighten her, for Priya knows that the Lords of Death which her family worship are not well-regarded by the Fortunes that rule Rokugan. And although she venerates Fortunes as well, she understands that they resent her family’s religious priorities. So anyone who controls or frequently interacts with the Fortunes, receives Priya’s awkward trepidation.

Priya is not married, and as far as she knows she has not yet been pledged for marriage. She doesn’t exactly dread the thought, but she almost neurotically fears the concept of being… “anchored.” She has hope that her father would respect her nature enough to find a suitable match for it; and she is more than sufficiently honor-bound to abide by his orders, regardless. But since there seems little she can do about it, she tries not to think to heavily on it. She does, however, keep her eyes open for worthy prospective candidates, and is not afraid to use any available avenues to make honorable “suggestions” in that regard, as the time for challenge approaches.

Priya is given to flights of strong emotion, which can leave as quickly and unexpectedly as they arrive. This is more of an affectation though, than a true behavior; Priya has a quick mind, and is prone to exploit the the barbaric stereotypes of her clan’s reputation when it suits her purposes. She has exploited this on rare occasions to catch opponents off-guard when she surprisingly demonstrates greater reserves of self-control and poise than they might’ve anticipated—but not too often… She is careful to avoid overplaying this game, and showing her strength prematurely. But all things considered, she is still a young woman, and where her clan background tends to give her more leeway to use emotions, she does take advantage of it.

Priya’s greatest weakness is probably her agressive nature; she has a hard time resisting a good challenge, heedless of any cost-benefit analysis. She tends to compete agressively regardless of whether there is anything to gain by it. But her greatest strength – her tenacity – often helps to compensate for this. Priya never just lets anything go, and has a long memory. Fortunately, while she’s tenacious, she is also not malicious; and since since she pursues competition for it’s own sake, she is more apt to dwell and focus on the situation than the people involved in it. Priya is very honorable, and regards Bushido as the warrior’s code to literally live by. Winning only counts if it is constrained by rules; if you can discard the rules in order to achieve a victory, then what have you really won? As life is an endless competition, Bushido provides the framework within which it must be won or lost. Aspects of Bushido that Priya finds difficult to follow, are regarded as the same sort of challenges that must be tenaciously worked on and overcome.

My advice to Priya would have to be—don’t rush through life, or burn through opportunities, just because you can. If you slow down and take time to enjoy and appreciate the experiences presented to you, they’ll be more meaningful and provide longer benefit. Don’t assume that because options are bountifully presented to you now, they will always continue to be. Especially those options most people are unlikely ever to in their natural lives, as this breeds resentment and enemies.

Moto Priyanakasha

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